Biëryoncé to Beyonce

Drinks of beer made as a tribute to Beyonce

Biëryoncé - Image Credit Lineup Brewery

Beyonce enthusiasts will enjoy a special beer and can be regarded as the year-end offering to their idol star from fans. Not even for the singers fans in particular, because beer enthusiasts can also try how the beer tastes, let alone the right moment to enter the year-end holidays.

Beer can indeed be enjoyed as a special character, everyone has a different way of enjoying beer, straight from a bottle or can, but some choose to drink beer with a glass poured from a beer tap.

Well, this time an interesting article in detikFood, today, an alcoholic beverage specially made to honor this world diva.

You must be curious about this kind of drink, quoting The Daily Meal, December 1, writing about a woman, Katarina Martinez in Brooklyn, NY that producing alcoholic drinks called Biëryoncé with 5 percent alcohol content in each can.

The fans will be more enthusiastic to immediately enjoy this drink, let alone present a tempting tagline of this beer product.

"You know you're that bier when you're all of this conversation."

Ah, you know what this is about, because the tagline is taken from a piece of one of Queen Bey's songs, Formation.

Indeed, for those who know about Lineup Brewery, would know if they ever sell it in October, but apparently they think to bring back to the fans in particular with the price of 16 dollars per packaging content 4.

But you need to go to some stores that specifically offer to get it in Malt and Mold, The Ginger Man, Beer Karma, and Pine Box Rock Shop.

Must admit the serious endeavor of Katarina Martinez, one of the owners of Lineup Brewery, who was compelled to give something different, when she could not attend the famous "Oktoberfest" beer party.

"I'm very sad about that, so I decided to name this beer in her honor."

It always starts from the admiration of a character, even she really loves Beyonce because of her songs and thoughts.

"I'm also a Spanish-blooded woman who runs a business, so I really make her a role model in strengthening and empowering the woman she's been promoting."

Source: D Anggraini - detikFood, detikCom, The Daily Meal
Image: Lineup Brewery


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