Drinks That Make Bored But Healthy On Airplanes

White water is a secret drink that can be chosen to be enjoyed by airplane passengers

Mineral white water - Image Credit Walter J. Pilsak

White water is healthy, no one doubt about it, although for many people it is really annoying when only this drink is available as an option in a journey, especially in the journey on the plane.

You can have another drink on the plane when you choose a business class, say as is commonly known, that airlines also offer soda drinks to alcoholic drinks for their cabin passengers. Certainly as a privilege for passengers who are in business class as part of the service.

Proven water drinks can create extraordinary freshness, citing CNN Indonesia, December 26, a secret drink that can be selected to be enjoyed by passengers. Apart for some others, this drink feels boring.

That water is refreshing, nobody rejected this view, because it proved. Reviews on Travel and Leisure, white water proved to overcome the health problems that travelers usually suffer, such as excessive tiredness, indigestion, to dry skin.

Articles that clearly describe the benefits of water in giving passengers to passengers on airplanes, even anyone on a trip to a particular area, but need to be noted before gulping down water along a flight or a journey.

As stated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said that the water that is worth drinking in flight is only water from the sealed packaging.

Sure you're going to ask why it's worth noting, because the EPA notes that one in eight US planes rarely clean their water storage tanks.

In fact, they find something to watch out for, water containing bacteria and other harmful substances from water storage tanks on several planes.

Although white water may be boring, passengers can ask flight attendants to add pieces of fruit in the water or a drop of fruit juice, to make it taste a bit unique.

Now you can feel the different water, even healthier, because the addition of fruit pieces or drops of fruit juice that is rich in vitamin C.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Walter J. Pilsak via Wikipedia


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