Google Fixed Their Burger Emoji

After getting a response and protest from the netizens

Burger emoji - Image Credit Google Android

Emoji is becoming quite important among smartphone enthusiasts as well as those who are much related to all-digital things in their everyday lives. The use of emoji can bring different feelings to a digital conversation or chat in the present. Known by the fanfare of netizens who responded or commented on various occasions, especially in particular they commented on the cheese position on their burger emoji, and it seems that Google understands the subsequent furor.

You can watch carefully, quoting detikFood, November 30th, it does present a little error on burger emoji in android device. You can see that the correct cheese burger arrangement is patty meat under cheese, while the emoji is currently cheese in the opposite position.

Google did not let the excitement continue, citing The Verge, Nov. 28 before, they immediately fix the look of its emoji, now in the Android 8.1 series, burger emoji has been fixed according to the supposed order of bread bun, patty meat, cheese, vegetables and closed back with bun bread.

You know for example one of the protests came from Thomas with a Twitter account named @baekdal on October 28, 2017 and posted a compilation photo of Apple's version of its burger emoji and a Google-style emoji burger.

Indeed the account shows the exact difference, especially on the placement of the cheese sheets.

"I think we need to discuss about a burger emoji from Google that puts cheese under patty meat while Apple puts cheese on the meat."

Likewise from other accounts, @bradfitz who twittered about the wrong form of cheese burger emoji contained in android service with original photo beside cheese burger emoji.

It seems a good response from Google, say that on the previous occasion Sundar Pichai from Google who promised to immediately fix, momentary response from the protests netizen.

Now starting on November 28, the repairs to emoji form are immediately visible, even in addition to the new version of the burger emoji, Google also released some new emoji characters available exclusively for their Android 8.1 series users regardless there are many emoji burgers with different shapes that exist in some gadget devices.

Source: D Setya Lestari - detikFood, detikCom, The Verge
Image: Google Android


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