Hello Kitty Becomes the UN Tourism Ambassador

The latest campaign for this year from the UN for sustainable tourism

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine - Image Credit Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine Kowloon

The icons from childhood can indeed linger long in the minds of many children in the world, even after they grow older, can continue to remember them in their subconscious. And this time the Hello Kitty cartoon icon is still capable of spreading its charm, the cute cat circulating in the form of letter paper, stationery, laptop, until dentures.

You know that now the age of the childhood icon has been more than 40 years accompany the world of children. Unexpected when the fans are women, and there are always memories along the journey of their lives from a long time.

It seems that the UN is looking specifically at the funny cat icon, citing CNN Indonesia, December 2, in particular the UN Tourism Agency (UNWTO), which is campaigning for sustainable tourism, for the better atmosphere of the tourism industry.

It is necessary to convey specifically and uniquely, especially the development of the world tourism world, because this campaign that brings the title 'International Year of Sustainable Tourism Development' is not only aimed at business actors, but also for tourists, so they can come to preserve the natural and cultural visited tourist destinations.

Of course the uniqueness and humor of the Hello Kitty icon can be a good promotion for the world of tourism, and the United Nations has built a partnership with Sanrio who has the icon Hello Kitty, as the Tourism Ambassador.

Now you know something that will attract attention, when the cute cat animated character gets the job as Special Ambassador of the International Year. Believe that you will be surprise with the selection of Hello Kitty icons, especially with the important task that will be implemented in the near future, which is spreading UNWTO campaign guidance, namely 'Travel. Enjoy. Respect.'

This is also manifested by Hello Kitty in the latest UNWTO promotional video that has aired at Narita International Airport, Japan.

"Traveling opens our minds and hearts. Let's prove that there is no difference between us."

True, the actors of tourism, and of course the world traveler deserve to be part of a responsible tourism action in accordance with the theme of the campaign.

One day, maybe tomorrow, no surprise when you're at a destination airport, Hello Kitty will greet you through a video showing the promotion of sustainable tourism.

Source: CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine Kowloon Pages


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