A Stewardess Sings a Lullaby for a Crying Baby

The flight attendant had a touching story about flying to Los Angeles

Gina Reyes holds the baby - Image Credit Rachel Yuen/Khonnews

The duties of the flight attendant are well known to the public at large, especially to anyone who travels frequently by airplane. Of course for you and the other travelers who fly by air travel to a place or a country destination.

You know how the air hostesses are busy and take care of all their passengers' needs, besides making the passengers safe and comfortable, of course they deserve to take care of anything else unexpected.

This time it's a fascinating incident that gets your heart in touch, quoting detikTravel, Feb. 20, while on a Hawaiian Airlines trip on February 15 to Los Angeles, the flight attendant, Gina Reyes, approached a crying baby, picked up and then sang a lullaby song to soothe the baby.

Ah, you know when on an air trip, flying with a small child, like a review in Insider, today, can be a challenge for parents. Can you imagine the inconvenience that happened, if for a passenger with 3 children who are still under age.

The steward took the initiative, when she found a troubled mother taking care of her children with a crying baby, always crying continuously during the flight.

You know if this can be a nuisance to other passengers.

Gina Reyes immediately came to help the mother, and held the baby, then sang a soft song, so that the baby can be as quiet as normal.

Another passenger in the plane was touched, say Rachel Yuen who recorded this interesting event, as she told Khonnews.

"That's a virtue from man, She's really doing a good job more than her job, and I feel lucky to be able to record this touching event."

Gina, the stewardess thinks that this is an event that should be done, when other people have trouble, moreover, she is also a mother of 4 children.

"I saw a hardship and had to help her, I calmed down and sang a lullaby for the baby."

Touching, isn't it?

Source: Shinta Angriyana - detikTravel, Insider, Khonnews
Image: Rachel Yuen, Khonnews


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