Soft-colored Pink Wine like Perfume

Yes Way Rosé, a wine product that is just like breathing in a perfume

The Rose Wine - Image Credit Yes Way Rosé @yeswayrosé

Creations of wine drinks do not seem to stop, considering the fans continue to grow and have a character who always wants to find the latest or something unique. This is consistent with the character of millenial wine fans who are young and become their lifestyles.

Nor can you expect culinary creators, especially wine drinks to follow the needs of their new composers, the current presence of alcoholic beverages increasingly unique and adorable.

You know if now present some new products elegantly, quoted detikTravel, today, one of the wine named Yes Way Rosé, a type of wine that has a beautiful soft pink color.

When the beginning of this year present a gin drink with pink sparkle with a unicorn theme, then the latest wine type comes with an adorable pink-peach color. You too can pay attention carefully, is not this similar to the color of a water bath of roses?

Well, it's pretty clear now that the wine producers, or creators of this drink named their work with a unique name, Yes Way Rosé.

Travel far to present this wine drink that is used comes from southern region of France, then given mix strawberry, citrus, and touch of white peach. And, you know when the pink-peach color is produced from dried roses.

Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir - Image Credit Yes Way Rosé @yeswayrosé

They, the creators of this drink, cite Delish, February 22, they are a pair of friends from New York, America, named Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir. Starting from their instagram @yeswayrosé account in 2013 actively uploading moments that show their love for rose wine.

It seems that their followers on Instagram continue to grow, so they decide to make their own rose wine version.

That's what happens, Yes Way Rosé will be sold freely in the market starting March 4, which is labeled at a price of $ 13 per bottle of course.

Their fans, especially the follower can not wait to see the presence of this unique wine, you know if you can make many creations with this wine.

Even they understand if there is a need of wine enthusiasts in general, making it possible to bring other new variant wine with higher alcohol content. That is good!

Source: Dewi Anggraini - detikFood, Delish
Image: Yes Way Rose @IG


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