Valentine's Gift, Eiffel Tower Light Ball for Sale

As a Valentine-themed gift for 540 euros to a lucky couple

The lights of Eiffel Tower - Image Credit A Soekirno

Paris is always synonymous as a romantic city, at least so much the contention of many world travelers. No one doubts it, a city with many awesome sides, so tourists are curious to be able to enjoy it, you also know the various facet attractions, culture, art, and historical tours that can amaze.

When you stand in the center of the city, no doubt, if you're going to instinctively search where the Eiffel Tower stands in the Champ de Mars area, the icon of a city that raided many tourists in pairs, they are now coming to celebrate their love moment.

Who's in doubt? Try to calm yourself down, like a review on CNN Indonesia, February 6, pause to enjoy the elegance of the 324-meter of Eiffel Tower when lights up beautifully at night, dazzling lights of 20,000 light bulbs arranged to frame the tower.

Tower built by Gustave Eiffel in 1887 and opened to the public in 1889 and able to attract visits of 6.91 million tourists each year, or as many as 25 thousand people each day with a ticket fee of 10 euros.

Well, beautiful moments like Valentine can be something impressive for couples who are in love.

You even imagine a beautiful Valentine-themed gift to your mate, the choice might give a "piece" of the Eiffel Tower.

Although the lamps are not functioning, but this light bulb summarizes the history of the Eiffel Tower, because it is accompanied by a certificate. Even for the lucky couple, they can see the strokes of the former installation.

They say it might be an Eiffel Tower light bulb that is no longer functioning, and is available in packs made to attract as many as 450 light bulbs, this gift is entitled 'Diamond Lights'.

Would not it be on Valentine's Day getting more special, when you say to your beloved partner, "A piece of Diamond Lights now I give it to you!"

Happy Valentine!

Source: CNN Indonesia
Image: Asti Soekirno


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