Central Park, Most Popular Movies Location

New York City is a favorite of the world's filmmakers, especially when it comes to Central Park

Jogging in Central Park - Image Credit Asti Soekirno

Talking about Central Park does not seem to be inexhaustible, there are always many good moments that are the subject of everyone's talk, and this is the inspiration of many top-class film directors. They will look for a good moment there, and the atmosphere there will support the power of the plot of the movie story.

You know when a location becomes a scene of a movie, then the place immediately turns into something different, and sexy seductive.

As is well known, film shoots have been made, and the location of the film has become the focus of the public, citing CNN Indonesia, today, that more than 340,000 films have been filming in different parts of the world.

This time you get a lot of information from a price comparison site, GoCompare, because they give you a release of the list of favorite movie locations of filmmakers in the world, all the data has been compiled based on information in the IMDB movie site.

I do not think it should be surprised if New York's Central Park is at the top of the list, an area bordering the Upper West Side, Upper East Side and Fifth Avenue. The Park area of ​​341 hectares which has been the location of filming as many as 231 films over the last 20 years.

You also know that when other movies have been made there, even then become popular, you can name a few like The Devil's Advocate (1997), Men in Black II (2002), Superman Returns (2006) and Spider-Man 3 (2007 ).

New Yorkers are certainly very knowledgeable about this vast garden story, which was inaugurated in 1857 with landscape architectural designs Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. Even in 2017, Central Park is included in the temporary list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites because of its history.

Skating in Central Park - Image Credit Lily Priyanti

No need to tell at length about all the activities there, a variety of activities can be done, ranging from sports, picnics, to watching music concerts.

The highly developed film industry in the United States with a long history and the backbone of the role-playing world, it's no wonder that many other locations in the country are the filming locations, say 2nd in Venice Beach in Los Angeles, then Greenwich Village, Astoria and Williamsburg.

The next paragraph about the filming location of the most popular movie version of GoCompare.

The first rank is the United States, 139,506 films, 2nd in the UK, 25,768 films, ranked third and so on Canada (21,088 films), Germany (12,567 films), French (10,338 films), Spanish (10,333 films), Mexico (9,053 films) , Australia (8,860 films), Italy (8,004 films), India (5,994).

Source: CNN Indonesia, GoCompare
Image: Asti Soekirno, Lily Priyanti


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