Japan Expand Toilet Seating

One reason is to prepare for the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020

The seating toilet, illustration - Image credit Lenilucho

The squat type toilet is still used by most of the people in Japan, according to data submitted by the Japan Tourism Board (JNTO) which estimates up to now 40 percent of squat toilets are still used 4,000 popular areas in the country.

People's customs in a country are indeed part of life, but when they want to welcome guests who come to their country, there is certainly an adjustment that is deemed necessary to welcome them.

This is what makes the Japanese Government with their plans to deal with this, citing CNN Indonesia, Feb. 8, turning the squat toilet system into a toilet seat in public toilets especially in welcoming the Olympic Games 2020.

Indeed, as previously known today, squat toilets are still widely used in Asian and African countries.

But now in big cities in Japan, sit-down closet system has been built, especially in the tourist hub.

Some of the reasons of course is to prioritize cleanliness, toilet seat there are also many equipped with advanced technology, some even issued a song.

As presented by a spokesman for the Ministry of Infrastructure of Japan, Shugo Harada, as quoted from Lonely Planet recently.

"We want to modernize toilets in Japan to make tourists more comfortable using them."

Closet system is more modern and sophisticated of course.

"With the adoption of a more sophisticated system, it is expected that more and more tourists are no doubt coming to Japan."

Major funds have been issued by the Japanese government, and then suggested that business owners in the tourism sector would do the same for the convenience of defecation can be done in many places.

Convenience makes many tourists welcome, in addition to convenience for tourists who are not from Asia or Africa, the toilet seat system will also facilitate the elderly in Japan who had difficulty squatting.

Increasing the presence of tourists is a trigger for many countries to do the same, especially in Asian countries, and arguably, toilets are the face of a country's tourism.

As presented by the Minister of Tourism in Indonesia, "If the toilet in the tourist object is dirty, and neglected, can be imagined with other tourist attractions? We certainly want tourists to come back with a sense of comfort."

Source: CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet
Image: Lenilucho via Wikipedia


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