Alcohol Ruins the Brain Instead of Marijuana

Certain effects to the user's brain, thus making it more damaging

A glass of whiskey - Image credit Guinnog

Enjoying the appropriate alcohol of dosage has become an integral part for people in any hemisphere, even if you have not drunk a little in a spare time. Of course always feel something is not yet complete, except after drinking it.

Indeed there is a sensation of its own, and for the audience there is a different sensation when consumed, even they say there are effects that can be left differently according to their expectations.

But. Questions can arise, does alcohol damage brain more than marijuana? This time according to a recent study, citing CNN Indonesia, Feb. 17, results found by scientists from the University of Colorado Boulder, USA conducted a review of the effects of alcohol and cannabis or cannabis plants in the brain.

Of course they do it thoroughly and meticulously, a study chaired by Rachel Thayer of the Department of Psychology and Neuorology at the University of Colorado Boulder, then uploaded to the journal Addiction.

They then believe that alcohol consumption is associated with long-term changes in the structure of white matter and gray in the brain.

You did not expect that marijuana consumption did not show a significant long-term effect on brain structure. Apart from the consumption of marijuana in many countries is prohibited, and only a few countries that legalize marijuana with certain doses such as Colombia, Spain and Uruguay.

As an illustration in the United States, approximately 22.2 million people use marijuana in the past month, and prove marijuana to be the most widely used drug.

The facts show that the use of monitored marijuana for health is increasing in many countries, given the risk of psychosis in adolescents, the disruption of the cardiovascular system, making it a challenge for researchers to further study the benefits of marijuana for health.

Times move forward, and many surprises can occur, such as the researchers' findings about cannabinoids, the active compounds in marijuana can help prevent migraines.

And, even you can be even more surprised, if any other findings say that cannabis can increase sex drive.

Source: P Tripeni Juniman - CNN Indonesia
Image: Guinnog via Wikipedia


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