Jobs at Disney Cruise Ship

Opportunity to travel the world on Disney-themed cruises

Cruises are leaning on Nassau Harbour - Image Credit N Mayo

Work on a cruise ship may be a dream for some people, you can imagine the atmosphere inside the ship, then travel the world, and meet with many people, especially the passengers of the ship.

A good offer from Disney, as featured on a travel site, today, Disney Line Cruise is looking for an activity counselor for young travelers with a promising position, as Youth Activities Counselor.

Anyone who is lucky, of course, if accepted to work there, walking around various beautiful places in the world, you can call some exotic places in the world, such as the destination of this cruise ship, Mexico, Barcelona, ​​to several private islands in the Bahamas, Islands Caribbean.

As is well known to many people's talks, the ships that Disney owns, are generally 'family-friendly', or destined for family vacations.

You soon assumed that if this work would have much to do with the world of children, prospective workers should also be familiar with children aged 3-17 years.

These ships, such as Disney Dream, Disney Magic and Disney Fantasy, Disney-owned ships have an interesting theme that is certainly filled with various fantasy characters.

You should be ready to sail with them, sail with Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, Darth Vader, and you might even run into a superhero, like Spiderman. Extraordinary!

If there are interested candidates, and then earn an attractive salary of USD 1,504 plus life allowances during the voyage, of course need to master the English language, and if you can speak Portuguese or Spanish can be added value.

Another thing that must be required by potential candidates is 2 years experience in an industry that has a neighborhood around the park and close to the children.

I think this is very fun, and indeed this trip will be a journey that is attached to the world of children, which is a segment of the Disney Line Cruise to participate in the special activities of children on board.

Source: detikTravel, Disney Line Cruise
Image: N Mayo - Bahama


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