Baird Beer, Eco Friendly Beer in Japan

Local beer products that have a special flavor and are worth a try

The Beer - Image Credit R Gurning

Speaking of Japan then you will imagine many unexpected things, let's say you pay particular attention to the alcoholic beverages. Then there you'll talk about something interesting, including sake and beer.

You may have tried a typical Japanese beer, even for a while, they can satisfy themselves for a visit to a local brewery, quoting CNN Indonesia, today, that a unique local brewery in Japan can become a tourist attraction when you visit Japan.

Exciting and interesting excursions, you know that Japan is always unique, maybe you know about the iconic Asahi Beer, and Japan also has another local beer, Baird Beer.

Citing a review of a journalist who has the opportunity to see the process of making Baird beer directly from the factory in Shuzenji, Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Anyone who is in the factory location, can feel this is a local brewery that has a different theme in each bottle.

"We have a beer tailored to the theme of a season, beer thematic, mild to hard type and also combine with certain fruits available," he said while promoting.

The local beer was founded by the couple, Bryan and Sayuri Baird, who soon opened a beer hall, Taproom, in a number of cities such as Nakameguro, Harajuku, and Bashamichi Yokohama.

Unique trips when you're on a beer trip, beer tanks are arranged neatly on the ground floor, then to the ground floor where beer is produced with the majority of machines, to maintain the hygiene of beer products.

Needless to wonder when you were there, the smell of the hops that became the raw material of beer began to smell, and Bryan Baird as the owner said that the concept of this factory is back to nature that is claimed to be environmentally friendly.

"Baird Beer has an automated packing system on its products, and its storage space is well maintained," he said as he then offered a unique variety of beers to visitors. "Hmm ..., it tastes good!"

Source: Abi Sarwanto - CNN Indonesia, Baird Beer
Image: R Gurning


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