Choosing Chocolate to Be a Valentine's Gift

One of the popular gifts given to loved ones on Valentine's Day

Choco 21 cheese - Image credit Curds and Whey, Melbourne

Chocolate as a Valentine's gift is indeed a strength of its own, and many couples who prefer chocolate rather than get another gift, say giving flowers for Valentine's. Of course there is always a reason behind the desire to get chocolate, other than romantic, of course, the sweet taste of its own charm.

But choosing chocolate is not as easy as you can imagine, quoting CNN Indonesia, February 14, in addition to flowers, choosing chocolate products can not be arbitrary, because there is a dose of chocolate content that should be a concern.

You do not want to endanger the person you care about, nutritionist Rita Ramayulius gives good tips for health as a gift to Valentine's moments.

1. Color

Good chocolate has the dominant cocoa or cocoa beans, because it has the right nutrients. Cocoa content is good for controlling blood pressure, antioxidants, immune system, and mild stimulants.

You can see the darker the color of the chocolate, the more cocoa beans. But. Be careful with some chocolate manufacturers who use chemicals to make the color dark to brown.

"The real chocolate is the dark brown color, the younger the less the cocoa, the more milk and sugar."

2. Cocoa Content

Cocoa content consumed should be more than 50 percent, because some products contain only about 30 percent cocoa, 20 percent or even 7 percent.

"The 70 percent cocoa content is good, while the 50 percent is still not a problem, the one that directly stimulates stomach acid because of the dominant sugar."

Cocoa content in chocolate can be seen on the label listed on the packaging.

"On the label reads what percentage of kakaonya seeds or pure chocolate processed ingredients."

3. Sugar content

You also need to know the sugar content on the label of chocolate, a little sugar content makes chocolate healthier. The average for one serving of chocolate bars of 30 grams should contain no more than 6 grams of sugar.

"A cheap chocolate that's 30 percent cocoa with the main composition of more sugar can affect heart health."

4. Flavor

Cocoa actually has a bitter taste, you know if properly processed cocoa beans still leaves a bitter taste. When you find a sweet chocolate, it means mixing with sugar.

"The lower the sugar in chocolate the better."

Giving chocolate does feel like a simple culinary, but it can be a dazzling Valentine's gift in a loving relationship. Happy Valentine's!

Source: P Tripeni Juniman - CNN Indonesia
Image: Curds and Whey Page


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