Avoid Legal Problems When Traveling

Always check information on objects that are prohibited from entering the destination country

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The legal issues of travel can be a very distressing and very unpleasant affair, and break all dreams to enjoy relaxing time. And, it faces a lot of complicated things about all matters relating to legal issues. I do not want to face this, and I'm sure you'll agree with me.

You can imagine all the wonderful things going on a tour, say months like this, quoting CNN Indonesia, February 15th, February is a fun month to travel, as it is like Valentine with various hotel promos and airlines around the world.

Many good places to travel, but, who wants to be stuck with a legal case in place and destination country?

Well, that there is no harm if it should always check the information about objects that are prohibited from entering the destination country.

Indeed there are mentioned, such as reviews in Travel and Leisure, that the rules of carrying objects in each country must be different, and take time to check and recheck.

There is something to note. This was stated by US security officials, "Tourists should not bring too many drugs to the United States."

It may be that if forced, tourists are obliged to bring a doctor's letter in English and bring no more drugs for consumption for 90 days and wrapped in transparent packaging.

You can see, say you're traveling to the United States, for example the US Immigration site has a complete list of the types of drugs that are allowed and not allowed into the United States.

The list of specific types of drugs, and you do not want to be negligent, an unpleasant risk, then the penalty can go to jail.

The bureau official also said, "Tourists should avoid taking part in any rallies, whatever the reason."

He suggest that tourists should enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) program that contains guidance on security during a trip in Uncle Sam's country. You know, when it comes to rallies, only local citizens are allowed to do so in their country.

If this case is caught, tourists can deal with police, because they are considered as provocateurs.

Even so, let's say a tourist is caught, of course the tourist has the right to contact the embassy of their country, and then when it comes to legal cases, the local lawyer will take care of all the related matters.

In other words, the more careful the preparation before the trip, the smaller all the risks, and of course the tourists do not want to get hit by legal cases in tourist destination countries.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: E Widi


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