California Coffee Shop Warns Cancer Dangers

The reason for the public to know about the dangers of acrylamide substances to customers

Coffee hangout - Image Credit P Djayasupena

The dangerous sign of a coffee link with cancer seems to be something that can be considered relatively new, but a coffee shop in California seems to want to warn their customers. Of course all of this there is a reason that merely wants to tell the public literate the dangers of acrylamide substances.

A chemical called acrylamide produced when roasted coffee beans, citing an article in detikFood, today, suspected this substance can cause cancer, not wrong if anticipated by the coffee outlet from California.

They choose to tell their customers that the coffee served can affect their health.

As presented by the Board of Education and Poison Research, USA, quoted CNN, February 1, that they have filed lawsuits at several famous coffee outlets to the Los Angeles Superior Court. This is the subject of news, when Starbucks, 7-Eleven, BP, and several other coffee shops have failed to warn that drinking coffee can make their customers take acrylamide.

Shortly after the demands, citing Delish, February 9, 7-Eleven had agreed to make a warning about this, and immediately made a lot of people know that coffee stands shut up about coffee and cancer.

You know if then there is a little reluctance to drink coffee, that's what some people think, but people still love coffee as their main drink everyday.

Say an opinion that is present against the acrylamide hazard warning, - which states the benefits of coffee far more than the risks caused by acrylamide.

When you see any judgment that coffee also causes some diseases, say heart, diabetes, Alzheimer's to early death, some even associate with low risk for some cancers such as melanoma and prostate.

A study in 2014 found no significant effect when reducing acrylamide intake in cancer risk in the human body, regardless of the need for further testing, as more cancer-related studies were conducted in animals.

A weekend always ends well, do not hesitate to consume coffee at a coffee shop, says a coffee expert.

"Keep drinking coffee, no need to worry too much, as long as not excessive, and enjoy your weekend!"

To be honest with all the food eaten, fries, potato chips, cereals, bread, tobacco, and some other foods there is always the content of acrylamide in it.

Source: Dewi Anggraini - detikFood, CNN, Delish
Image: P Djayasupena


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