Staying at the Luxury Hotel is getting 'Affordable'

"Recharge" application can realize the desire of tourists who want to stay at a luxury hotel

New York - Image Credit L Priyanti

Rates in luxury hotels are always synonymous with something expensive and will incriminate pockets for temporary tourists anywhere in the world. Even many travel tips always provide solutions how to get a hotel with affordable cost.

That's what happens in the minds of many travelers, budget is an important part of the trip, and hotel rates are important to be prepared from the beginning before departure.

Even for tourists everywhere, they know about luxury hotels, quoting CNN Indonesia, February 6, that the facilities and services in luxury hotels are different from ordinary hotels. You will agree if the hotel rate is so high, or exorbitant.

As stated in the previous paragraph, the budget is something that is important in travel, especially if the budget is prepared very limited, maybe staying in luxury hotels can be a long dream will be realized.

But. The dream of the stay can now be realized through the application of Recharge based in the United States, and new operations in San Francisco and New York.

You are certainly a little curious, this app serves tourists with limited budget, the way is to pay some money to stay for a few minutes or a few hours in luxury hotels.

The application is thorough enough to manage the desires of tourists, one day in a tourist area, the maximum users of this application can only stay at 20 hotels.

Good response from several hotels around the area, such as known hotels listed from this app, such as Hotel Surrey and Hotel The Pierre in New York as well as the Taj Campton Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

Let's see how they set up hotel rates, starting at US $ 560 per night, where app users can pay from US $ 28 to stay for about two or three hours.

Additional reviews submitted on the travel site, Lonely Planet, this app is intended for tourists who experience delay until tourists who want to try the experience of the first stay.

Apparently this application soon received widespread attention, considering the concept is almost the same done by Day Use site, or One Night with a choice of more diverse property areas, with a stay period ranging from one to 10 hours per day.

You know what might happen in the daily life of tourists?

Especially since the fever of social media hit many people, while staying in luxury hotels will be an interesting photo object for most tourists. Especially for friends who are fond of showing off photos or video tours on social media, applications like this is of course very helpful.

Source: CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet
Image: L Priyanti


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