Free Stress 'Healthy' Drinks Ala New York Millenials, Kava

Drinking concoctions that became famous in various drinking places since 1990

The Cocktail - Image credit Alpha du centaure

Kava is a plant root mixed with water and then filtered for beverage, and you may have found it a day ago in a place to drink, but did not pay close attention to it. But. Today, Kava gains more attention than specifically New York millenials, and now they can choose kava, a drink that is claimed to ease stress.

This type of beverage is known in tradition and ceremonies in the Pacific islands such as Fiji, Tongan and Marquesan.

Well, here is something interesting, New Yorkers now, citing CNN Indonesia, February 2, as written in the article, can say goodbye to alcohol and also drugs that are often used to reduce pain and stress.

They can distract from all that correlates with alcohol and narcotics, of course, this positively benefits the health of everyone.

A new type of root-based drink may taste like mud water, but the health benefits make it a place of its own. Regardless for some citizens think it is not something new, given the taste of mud water that makes them somewhat reluctant to enjoy it, at first.

But. Culinary activists have many ways and creations, kava changed its name to 'kavatail', as a mixture of kava and cocktail, of course the taste becomes more delicious, tempting with the addition of fruit juice in it.

You know, the effects of this drink, the feeling of numbness in the tongue and lips, even claimed to provide a sensation of relaxation and euphoria.

And once again, kavatail is claimed to be a rescuer of city people struggling to cope with busy modern life.

The owner of "Brooklyn Kava" in New York, Harding Stowe quoted by AFP, looks enthusiastic about the situation.

"I think that this (kava) will explode and I think it will start now."

Now you can hangout without worrying about getting drunk, a healthier alternative alcoholic beverage for millennial youth.

Sabrina Cheng, an artist in Brooklyn seems to agree with this new drink.

"It makes me relax, unlike alcohol or drugs," she said with a jovial laugh.

"I have very low alcohol tolerance, but by drinking kava, you can stay here all day while reading a book, using a laptop, and talking."

Millennials now, Stowe adds, that they no longer like to go drinking at the bar every night.

"People want something new and they want something healthy."

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: Alpha du centaure via Wikipedia


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