Gordon Ramsay Make a Fuss for Taunting the Vegans

A netizen who made a vegan lasagna got an unexpected response from Ramsay

Ramsay twits - Image Credit Ramsay's @twitter

Gordon Ramsay with sharp criticism and a peppery mouth when it comes to food, of course. This time he made some sort of fuss and debate on Twitter, because it was linked to the taunts of the vegans.

Unlucky for a netizen, when it comes to the habits of many people before, quoting CNN Indonesia, February 6, who sent the photo creations to Ramsay.

It was unclear when he uploaded a twits that claimed he was a PETA.

"I'm a member of PETA! People eating tasty animals ..."

You also know later when the outcome of this upload, the pros and cons of criticism came on the micro blogging site, because they, netizens, this speech is considered insulting and patronizing a vegan.

The site became bustling with various twits that responded to Ramsay's twits, and got more than about 40 thousand re-twits, and of course some 'like' nearly 150 thousand times.

No wonder when the twits from Ramsay this came a variety of comments from hundreds of people who immediately meet the Ramsay timeline about the vegan debate.

As written by a netizen quoted from The Independent.

"Well, I like you, but your hatred for vegans is out of control."

There are many other comments, such as the following comment, "You are a desperate man who is intimidated by the revival of #veganmovement. This is the future, and you must embrace it."

Gordon Ramsay in MasterChéf Junior - Image credit Gordon Ramsay Pages

Even interesting thing, just present a comment from PETA, the organization mentioned by Ramsay in the twits.

"Oh dear Gordon, we've heard that old saying before. When you spend time mocking vegans, we bet that one day you too (vegan), many chefs will explore healthy, animal-friendly and environmental foods, plant-based foods."

Regardless of that, but comments support from other netizens are also present for Ramsay.

"A sharp response, then I'm also a member of PETA."

Then another comment came, "Thank you! People eat delicious animals in many ways."

Ramsay is known not to like 'vegan', including anything else, for example in 2016, also on twitter, when asked what he did not like, Ramsay immediately replied, "Vegan."

Regardless then he clarified, "This is a joke, not vegan but a vegetarian."

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, The Independent
Image: Ramsay's @twitter, Gordon Ramsay Pages


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