Chicago as the Coolest City

Paris then called (by various circles of tourists in particular) as a fun city to 'make love'

Chicago - Image Credit The Loop @IG

The flexibility to hunt for culinary diversity, tourist attractions, affordable living costs, ease of transportation access, and the happiness of the population are the main factors that make a city the talk of many people, especially the world's tourists.

Thus, the results of a survey aimed at providing recommendations to travel lovers to various places and cities in the world, quoted CNN Indonesia, February 1, Chicago was selected as the world's most exciting city version of the tourist recommendation website Time Out this year.

Interesting results, of course, they worked with Tapestry Research conducted a survey of 15,000 people around the world over the past year to release a list of 32 cities.

As stated by Time Out in their official statement.

"There are lots of fun things to do in Chicago, from culinary to festivals. The cost of living there is also affordable and affects the happiness of its inhabitants."

As a comparison may need to know other cities in the next sequence, on the order of two and so on in the top five, Porto (Portugal), New York, Melbourne, and London.

Quotes on the site then mention that the cities are often at the top, this time less fortunate, say like Berlin and Tokyo, each is ranked 18th and 19th.

You deserve to be interested in the review of the survey results, considering Time Out is also getting data about the uniqueness that other cities have.

Prepare first, Paris is ranked 14th, it has the highest sexual activity among other cities. And, it's more exciting to know, Porto and Melbourne are also touted as the best city to find friends and love.

Times Square, New York - Image Credit E Widi

New York, and Washington DC (ranked 23rd), is called the city with the most stressful people in terms of work and love, even the city of Dubai (ranked 29th) gets more or less the same survey results.

They still provide other facts, Tel Aviv (12th rank) and Mexico City (ranked 15th) are considered the most fun city in terms of 'hangout' activities, because there is a lot of excitement there.

The coolest city is worthy of Chicago, the city favored by 55.2 million tourists over the past year, or up by 2.5 percent, the hotel's increased rate by 3.3 percent compared to last year, especially in the month of tourist arrivals on June to September.

No wonder you're in Chicago, always festive with the festivities that pamper the attention of tourists, as well as the BBQ festival entitled Windy City Smokeout in July, and a seafood festival in September entitled Great American Lobster Fest.

Music fans got satisfying service, Chicago Blues Festival in June, Pitchfork Music Festival in July, and Chicago Jazz Festival and Lollapalooza in August.

Then who does not want to get there soon?

Source: CNN Indonesia, Time Out
Image: The Loop @instagram, E Widi


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