First Class Safer Only Myth

Larger seating space, and considered to have a higher level of security

Airplane Cabin - Image Credit Garuda Indonesia

The comfort of the first class has indeed become common knowledge, people know about the comforts promised by this first class in an airplane. For some people there are those who believe that in addition to seating facilities, then people assume that the level of safety is higher than the economy class.

I do not know if you would think similarly to people, but like quoting news on CNN Indonesia, 27 February, the assumption that the main class is safer than any other class is a myth.

This was further reinforced by the words of the pilots, as did the airline crew, even to aviation observers.

In an interview in The Washington Post with Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger III, the pilot who managed to land the plane safely on the Hudson River, further convinces us of this.

"The first class is no safer than the economy class."

Similar opinion as quoted from Travel and Leisure delivered by aviation observer of Aviation Safety Network, Harro Ranter.

"I never felt that the first class is safer than the economy class."

He still continues the statement. "In the event of an accident, which may still survive is a passenger in the back row bench."

Indeed there is a point, because according to data owned by the Civil Aviation Regulatory Authority in the United States (FAA), passengers who sit in the middle and are in the back seat on average survived the plane crash.

That according to the ratio of the probability of survival is lower than the passengers on the other bench, which is equal to 22 percent.

In accordance with the statement of FAA in its statement which was launched by TIME.

"Passengers on the third bench from the rear have a 32 percent chance of surviving an accident, compared to 39 percent for passengers on the bench, and passengers on the third bench from the front at 38 percent."

Passengers sitting near the aisle in the middle row have the highest probability of survival, at 44 percent, but the FAA insists that no bench is completely safe.

They believe that the safety of passengers in a plane crash depends on the type of lacing facing the aircraft.

The security in flight is always worth anticipating, recently the Plane Crash Info website revealed a list of 42 airlines that have never had a terrible accident.

Maybe some airlines can be called, like Easyjet, Emirates, Jetstar, Oman Airways, Qatar Airways, Ryanair, Southwest Airlines, Swissair, Vietnam Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic.

Regardless of one's belief, destiny has been outlined by God, you should throw the mind anxious about accidents while flying. Enjoy Your Flight, Friend!

Source: CNN Indonesia, The Washington Post, Time
Image: Garuda Indonesia


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