Women Do not Like to Give Flowers When Valentine

A ShopBack Indonesia survey provides unexpected results for couples

Cella chocolate-covered cherrie, illustration - Image credit Evan-Amos

The flower for Valentine has become so special in the moment of Valentine's Day which takes place today, February 14, 2018, and has always been a wonderful moment every year. Especially couples who are in love, though affection is also given to loved ones in family and close friends.

Anyone acknowledges that flowers can be the right gift for dear ones, quoting CNN Indonesia, today, you whenever possible, time and others, would want to give flowers to the couple, even though the price of flower will be more expensive than usual before Valentine.

Then, how can it be when a survey says something different, ShopBack Indonesia says women do not like to be given flowers on Valentine's Day by their partner.

Proven if possible because the situation, 22.3 percent of respondents, preferring to be given chocolate by their partners rather than flowers. Of course this is a bit of a surprise for some people, especially now the packaging of chocolate snacks with various varieties of additional herbs in it, is able to attract the attention of women.

As an interesting example, you surely know the surprises of a popular confectionary of chocolates, even with a pot of marijuana in it, and a favorite in the United States.

You can also find out more than chocolate and flowers, said the survey, other gifts that women want in the form of a 16.4 percent luxury dinner, diamond ring 13.3 percent, dolls 8 percent.

Something that needs to be known also, it turns out that of the existing respondents, 10.3 percent of men twice more want a gift of flowers and (love and romantic) letters from their partner.

Of course it must be admitted, if Valentine's day is identical to chocolate, and according to survey more than half of respondents - 50.4 percent, prefer chocolate as a gift.

But. You're worth considering 33.2 percent of respondents prefer to get a reward for a romantic dinner, and as many as 23.6 percent prefer to get a diamond ring as a gift.

Do not forget if it turns out dolls, flowers and cosmetics to be less desirable gift, 15.2 percent of respondents who choose to earn flower at Valentine and only 17.1 percent prefer to get a doll and 13.9 percent of respondents prefer to get cosmetics on Valentine's Day.

In other words, when you're at a downtown dining spot on Valentine's Night it will be romantic and fun, and for practicality, do not forget the chocolate for your beloved.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia
Image: Evan-Amos via Wikipedia


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