Small Town of Italy Offer Cheap Houses

Take a trip to a small town of Ollolai, and then have a house for 1 euro

Ollolai - Image Credit vitotoro76 @IG

On vacation to Italy or rather to a beautiful little town in Ollolai, the nearby Barbagia area of ​​Sardinia can make anyone feel so happy. A dream that will probably be difficult if you stay in your town, and this is the time to switch attention to this place.

An area which, although adjacent to Sardinia, that always invaded by millions of tourists, but this region is fairly untouched by the crowd, and is known as one of the best dairy producing regions in Italy.

You can hardly imagine if there are houses offered at bargain prices, though not new homes, but old historic homes in Ollolai, a former city center of Barbagia with a population of about 1,300.

According to the city's population records were initially occupied by some 2,250 people, but experienced a tendency of residents who want to stay settled in big cities, and have decreased over the past 50 years.

The trend of selling cheap homes aimed at saving old buildings, is now also happening in Sicily, Tuscany, and Abruzzo.

But put it aside, and you'll be surprised at the price offered since the end of last year, as it may be a bit of a distrust, since the houses cost about 1 euro, quoting CNN Indonesia, January 31, there are 200 homes waiting to be occupied.

But, If there is one enthusiast, they say, the new owner still has to renovate the house. For information, why it can happen, because the houses on offer is a house that has been decades left by the owner.

Some requirements for new owners are also required to sign contracts for performing home maintenance on a regular basis for three years.

This was stated by Ollolai Mayor, Efisio Arbau.

"We do not want the history of this area extinct."

You can understand that this is necessary to be done by the local government in Ollolai, so that the historic buildings in the region will be sustainable.

"This offer is also one of the steps to save the tradition in order not to be eroded by modernization. We do not want this region to die."

As a continuation of the offer, it seems that enthusiasts began to present there, three homes were sold immediately, and Arbau also admitted that it received many questions from prospective buyers in various parts of the world.

Characteristics of beautiful small towns in Italy, Ollolai also has many major intersections, usually interacting residents, but now lonely, young urban residents prefer to continue living in a more crowded city.

You can imagine a vacation to a small town, and become part of a local resident who works as a breeder, cow milkman, or cheese maker.

The holidays will take place in silence and peace, and the friendly smile of Ollolai townspeople. And own a house.

Source: CNN Indonesia, The Locals
Image: vitotoro76 @instagram


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