Alcoholic Drinks Make People More Creative

In accordance with the results of a study conducted by an Austrian scientist

Mont Gras, illustration - Image Credit G Alexei

Type of beer or wine is always a beverage choice for many fans of alcoholic beverages, although it maybe for others while the other way. Where people often look negatively on alcoholic drinks of this type. For most other people they tend to avoid it, afraid of getting drunk, that's what it thinks about it.

Many fans of this beverage, as featured on the sites CNN Indonesia, today, most people do not realize if wine or beer can have a positive impact on the drinkers.

As written later, a positive impact for a glass of wine or beer is to make a person creative in thinking or imagining, quoting the sites The Independent, as evidenced by research conducted by an Austrian scientist.

This is as revealed by a writer, Mathias Benedek that mention, almost half of the major authors have a history about beverages.

"Alcohol is strongly associated with creativity, we found that small drinks (one glass of slock) did help certain aspects of creativity."

Research says some people are given a bottle of beer in two types. The first type, beer with the usual alcohol content, then the second type, beer without alcohol content.

They were asked to connect words from swiss, blue and cake, and the results of those who drank alcohol guessed correctly, if cheese is the word that connects all three.

Furthermore, they also provide creative ideas about the use of alternatives to tires with swings that are rated as the most creative answers.

The study, published in the journal Consciousness & Cognition, says those who consume alcohol and are less focused and have cognitive control are caused because they are drunk.

Two theories that explain how the drink works, as Benedek puts it.

"The first is when you are really focused on solving a problem, you can be fixated and stuck in one way to overcome it. Alcohol makes it harder to keep all task parameters in mind, but it can also help the solution come from another direction.

He added, "The second theory is that alcohol that disrupts the main task allows one to enter the subconscious mind and find alternative solutions."

Despite all the evolving theories, Benedek advises not to consume merlots or varieties of dark blue wine used as a wine mix in the morning.

Of course he meant that it might make it difficult for somebody to get a bit of focus.

Source: G Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia, The Independent
Image: G Alexei


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