Countries that More 'Relaxed' to Permit Marijuana

Countries in the world that allow the use of marijuana for its population according to the rules

Twilight at Barcelona, Spain - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Using marijuana provided that in accordance with sufficient provisions it will become more popular for temporary among the tourists. They soon knew that some countries in the world did allow their inhabitants to use marijuana, as long as they were doses and rules.

I think you know more about the use of marijuana all this time, like the reviews on the sites CNN Indonesia, today that I read this afternoon, in addition to recreation, marijuana is also often used for treatment.

You may even be surprised if in a western province in the northern part of the archipelago in Indonesia, some rural residents use it as a flavoring food, and the taste of soup or vegetables is more delicious and tasty.

In general now the tourists in the world know some popular countries as a tourist destination and "allow" the use of cannabis. Although enjoying it at home or in cafés, the use of marijuana outdoors is still prohibited.


Personal use is still permitted by the state, and the use of marijuana in tourist areas instead increases the number of tourist visits.


This country became the first European country that has not punished users of cocaine, heroin or marijuana since 2001, although it is still prohibited, but its users will not be jailed, but fined or rehabilitated.


Although the state does not allow residents to use marijuana for recreation, the government allows marijuana to be used as a treatment.


The country uses marijuana as a treatment, even the government is funding any related research, such as research on marijuana use to treat drug addiction to cancer.


Throughout the ownership of marijuana with the amount set by the government, then residents can enjoy marijuana at home or café since 1972.


The Uruguayan government has authorized the use of marijuana since 2013, especially reducing the presence of marijuana traders who often commit criminal acts. In addition, the price of cannabis is relatively affordable, making residents can do marijuana treatment.

States in the United States

You can find eight states, Nevada, Maine, Colorado, Washington, California, Massachusetts, Alaska and Oregon that allow the use of marijuana.

The use of cannabis in addition to recreation has now been used for treatment. While in Washington, marijuana is only allowed for treatment.

Seeing the current situation that can develop, including in the medical world, it should not be surprised if other areas are waiting for the same permissions.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Various sources
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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