Fast Food More Consumed by the Middle Class

Although considered unhealthy, because there is the content of fat, salt and calories in it

The french fries, fast food illustration - image Credit R Rumambi

The causes of obesity in the US and the world are also characterized by commonly recognized causes, such as fast food or junk food. It is most easy to give a bad stigma to this type of food, although later proven favored by urban communities.

Fast food does contain fat, salt and calories in it, as featured in an article on the sites CNN Indonesia, August 9, and see the impact it can cause, of course people will consider it when they eat it.

You can see some of these foods, such as hamburgers, milkshakes and fried chicken that are often served relatively cheaply, then one could conclude that junk food is mostly consumed by the poor.

Apparently not so, although this assumption prompted the government in the US to ban the spread of fast food restaurants in low-income areas.

A recent study in the United States, and published in the journal Economics & Human Biology, as quoted from Vox, then pointed to different facts.

Jay Zagorsky, an economist from Ohio State University, and Patricia Smith, an economics professor from the University of Michigan according to their results, later found that people from the lower classes actually tend to consume less junk food than the middle class.

These findings are in line with the promotion of junk food itself in the US, for example the Donald Trump who openly admits that he likes junk food, even Warren Buffett once said he enjoyed junk food like a six-year-old child.

Research also shows that income levels do not make a specific difference about the consumption of junk food, those in the lowest economic class who eat junk food at least once in three weeks by 80.6 percent.

While the middle class as much as 84.3 - 85 percent, upper class as many as 74.6 percent.

The middle class consumes junk food more often than the lower and upper classes, the lower half an average of 3.67 servings, the middle class about four portions and the top three portions.

They the researchers, Zargosky and Smith found that people who checked the ingredients before eating had lower junk food intake, people need to first understand the labels and calorie information in the diet.

Consumer societies at all levels should get a healthier food selection with additional fresh fruit and vegetable menus.

But. Another thing that makes people consume junk food is more work hours situation, not about the level of income. People love fast food simply because it is fast and convenient.

Source: E Dwi Ratnasari - CNN Indonesia, Vox
Image: R Rumambi


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