Some of the Street Art in Paris Has Been Stolen

Invader artist's street artwork, which is displayed on the walls of city buildings

The street arts of Paris - Image Credit The Invaders @Instagram

Invader artist groups may have been well-known to certain circles, especially those dedicated to a variety of independent artwork, say here is a work of street art. For the more general circle of street art is often considered more strange and unusual.

You may think their works seem less serious, as featured on the sites CNN Indonesia, August 5, but if you look further, the work of Invaders' artists has their own uniqueness and guarantees a quality that is tempting.

As previously known, Invader is famous for its pixel-themed ceramic mosaic art, their works have been displayed on the walls of buildings in Paris over the past few days.

Now something happened, as the spokesman said, until Friday, August 4, dozens of artist-owned works had vanished from the city walls, which information had been stolen by thieves posing as construction workers.

They are street artists, Invaders always provide anonymous identity, using pieces of ceramics to arrange artwork. As is known pixel theme inspired from the video game in 1978, one of them is 'Space Invaders'.

You can be surprised by their works, even though they are displayed illegally, but their artwork is worth up to hundreds of thousands of dollars after being sold in art galleries.

For example you can see, two years ago, their artwork inspired by the American cartoon character Hong Kong Phooey, that was sold at Sotheby's Hong Kong Auction Hall for around USD 255,200.

This incident was immediately responded by the government of Paris, after their party was misled by the act of the thief who disguised as a construction worker. Recalling earlier reports from the townspeople to the authorities, who were astonished that the building officers removed Invader's art from the city walls.

They have even reported it through social media, make people know more, some even send photos when the thieves do the action. As presented by a spokesman for the Paris City Government.

"We received many reports from citizens about this, but that is not our worker."

They are street artists, the Invaders have previously been warned that many people are eyeing their art for resale.

"But it seems impossible to resell our artwork, because I use ceramic that easily breaks if removed from the surface. The thieves must fix it or replace the entire ceramic after removing it from the wall."

Source: CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: The Invaders @Instagram


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