Morgan's Wonderland for All Children

Texas playground built by Gordon Hartman, a father of a child with autism

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Autistic children are present in our midst who may think they are different, so sometimes there is always unfair treatment to them. Although autism can actually be overcome by understanding how they behave daily.

You can imagine how a father feels, an interesting story from Gordon Hartman, as quoted from the sites CNN Indonesia, August 9, he saw firsthand the treatment of his daughter, Morgan, shunned by her peers when playing in the public swimming pool.

Big sadness, he felt so deeply, the father of a person with autism who finally made the playground friendly for the disabled.

Gordon Hartman was determined to present the playground after selling his business place in 2005, then named Morgan's Wonderland in San Antonio, Texas, and now the playground can be realized. A sincere desire of a father, in addition to his daughter, also to other children who were treated the same as his daughter.

After previously he founded the Gordon Hartman Family Foundation and collaborated with architects to medical experts to build the park at a cost of USD 35 million in 2007.

Now Gordon could see Morgan laughing happily.

Despite the initial purpose of building a playground for children with disabilities, but he allows all children to visit there, such as interviews quoted from the sites People.

"The playground is well-suited for all walks of life, no matter how acute their special needs are."

And now you understand something like this like a dream, "This is my dream come true," he continued.

Morgan's Wonderland can meet the expectations of children everywhere, they are served with a representative playground, lots of rideable rides, such as ferries and tourist trains. And special rides are specially designed, so that people with disability stay comfortable climbing them.

You can also praise the idea underlying the establishment of a playground like this with operating costs derived from donations, because for children with disabilities, admission is free.

"There's a father who says to me that this is the first time seeing his son with a disability look so happy here."

Since the beginning of operations in 2012, Morgan's Wonderland is visited by more than 1 million people annually, so the idea of a playground will continue with a water theme park called Morgan's Inspiration Island.

It was great to see what had happened. Gordon Hartman seemed enthusiastic about all his plans.

"From this playground, people can learn to understand people with disabilities. Come to this park for fun, not to feel the difference."

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, People
Image: E Widi


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