Big Ben will be 'Silent' in the Next Four Years

The big clock bell will undergo maintenance to keep its condition

Big Ben and the British Parliament Building - Image Credit P Djayasupena

Big bells in the world one of them is in the plains of Britain or precisely located in the capital of England, the sound that blaring to the whole area and heard by all citizens, as well as the travelers who visit London.

You have to be prepared for a while in London, like an article review on the sites CNN Indonesia, August 14, a long time span of four years in 'solitude', a 96-meter tall clock next to the British Parliament Building will face the maintenance process and costing approximately USD 38 million.

London is becoming incomplete if you do not hear this big clock, the hour that goes every hour every hour, Big Ben will ring and make you feel the aura of London.

The big clock that started functioning since the 19th century, since May 31, 1859, quotes the sites AFP on Monday, the clock is in fine condition, but the purpose of maintenance aims to make the condition more awake.

This was stated by Steve Jaggs, the keeper of Big Ben who holds the position of 'Keeper of the Great Clock'.

"Starting next week, Big Ben's clock bell will stop chiming. This is the first time, since 157 years ago."

But. If you still want to hear the sound, there's still a chance of course before August 21st, 2017, that's the last time it calls the townspeople, the 13,7-ton clock will be back in 2021.

It was a long time for a silence. Certainly!

During the maintenance process only one side of the clock will be opened, and the clock will keep spinning with the engine coming from the electrical system.

Big Ben will be 'silent', and one thing that will surely happen is the longing of anyone, townspeople and tourists who will feel the 'sound' loss of an interesting photo object as a memorable trip, while they are visiting London.

Feelings of loss are increasingly felt, especially when arriving at the moment of New Year's Eve.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: P Djayasupena


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