Visa Issuance to France Now Only 48 Hours

Starting from November 1, 2017

Eiffel Tower in the background, Paris - Image Credit R Rumambi

Tourist arrivals to France had declined after the tragedy - terror attack in Paris and Nice last year and had a huge impact on tourism in the country, as stated by French Prime Minister Edouard Phillipe recently on some official media.

The French government does not have much choice but to take anticipatory steps, as reported on the sites CNN Indonesia, August 15, the country's tourism is so sluggish, that some policy steps for some countries are in place to increase tourist visits.

You can see some things that may be of interest, France will give 'privileges' to people in eight countries. These countries, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, India, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar will get those privileges in the form of shorter visa issuance process, only 48 hours.

As it was previously known that tourism is indeed a major industry in France that accounts for about 7 percent of the country's revenues, as well as jobs for 2 million residents, and the convenience policy for tourists to be around 10 days can attract better attention.

This country also has targeted as many as 89 million foreign tourists, this year, which is expected to visit Paris and to various other tourist attractions.

You can imagine the reaction from the tourists, say so, quoting the sites KompasTravel, August 16, that starting from November 1, certain countries that coincided with the winter holiday in France.

I think this can be a positive response for most potential travelers who have planned a trip to Europe, and now France is one of the most tempting options.

The program is expected to successfully attract the attention of potential tourists, so that some other countries can get similar services, namely Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam can also benefit.

The French government set a target visit until 2020 which is as many as 100 million foreign tourists. Of course it will affect the employees who process at the immigration point at the airport, so the visa check queue is not too long.

Travelers need to understand the entire set of processes, the timing of visa checks to be a maximum of 30 minutes for EU residents and 45 minutes for non EU residents.

Source: CNN Indonesia, KompasTravel, Reuters
Image: R Rumambi


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