"Fast Food" or Non-"Fast Food"?

Do you know where the different of this kind of food are?

The french fries, illustration - image Credit R Rumambi

Although fast food is not always all connotes as junk food, but many people are still paying attention to the freshness of this cuisine, for various considerations when they will eat it. Maybe you are not the only one, of course, health considerations worthy of use.

There is no doubt that many people of all ages and folks love fast food, of course it all happens as part of the urban lifestyle.

An actor in the fast food industry, Erin Arifin, a senior manager at Wingstop Chicken, on Monday, July 31, once told about the type of fast food and non-fast food that deserves to be enjoyed.

"We provide non-fast food or made fresh from order, which prioritizes freshness, so we just cook when there is order. We never re-cook from the food available, and have cooked food savings that are served when needed by the customer."

She mentioned that non-fast food has completely unprocessed, boiled, marinated, or fried ingredients before approaching request or order, so in this process the customer will be asked to wait for a while for the dish presented.

At this point, surely you still ask about the difference from fast food with non-fast food without looking into the kitchen?

That's what happens, they will give priority to the freshness of the meat or the dish, of course, the cuisine will feel more fresh texture. Say like the vegetables that are still crunchy, if the meat will taste juicy and not dry on the inside.

"If you have a fast food meal there is a stacking process before the order, so the meat is dry exposed to air, warmed up in a warmer cupboard, or fried again so the oil increases."

According to her the spices will also be more pronounced for dishes such as fried chicken, this is due to the main ingredients are fresh, but also the spice that is soaked when new dishes lifted from the frying pan.

"Unlike the meat of fast food that has been waiting a long period of time, it was cold and then warmed up again, it will taste less its spices."

So that makes it easy for customers, when eating a non-fast food that feels hot when served, felt up inside into the meat, and the smoke still steaming.

Perhaps this is the best moment on the weekends to try a different menu of chicken wings of non-fast food dishes, although you need a little extra time from a serving of chicken wings in its various sauce.

Source: M Irzal Adiakurnia - KompasTravel, Wingstop Chicken
Image: R Rumambi


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