Not Expensive Applying for Entry Permit to Canada

Gather enough information and avoid fraud from naughty tourist agencies

Kinsol Trestle from riverside road, Canada - Image credit Vrsmith

Holidays to Canada can be one of the options for travelers in the middle of the holiday moment as well as for alternative holiday options. Maybe you get a different offer along with other travelers who are interested in traveling there, say holiday-based outdoor nature.

Although holidays to other countries require longer preparation, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, August 1, especially for the first time to do it.

One of the most indispensable things is to look for information that can support travel, I'm sure you do not want to be fooled by travel agents.

Tourists who choose to vacation in Canada have found it easy, especially since the last two years, the Canadian government has enacted an electronic entry permit (ETA) for migrants.

A little difference, but it should be noted of course, not only passports and visas, immigrants and tourists are also required to have ETA to enter Canada.

But. The situation becomes less conducive given the many complaints, as some of the tourists have difficulty as long as they apply for ETA.

This is recorded from the complaints of thousands of immigrants about ETA's complicated payment procedures, citing reviews on Travel and Leisure sites, and some even tricked the lure of the back lane.

The immediate response of the Canadian government, they are now trying to solve the problem by releasing the video of how to apply ETA via that official link.

As quoted from the National Post, spokeswoman by the Canadian Immigration, Lindsay Wemp.

"The ETA filing fee is only CAD $ 7 per person. Many claimed to be fooled by paying more for up to 18 times."

Of course this makes many potential travelers need to be more careful in the application of the electronic entry permit. Then Wemp added.

"So if anyone asks you to pay more than that price, you should be suspicious."

She recommends that immigrants who wish to apply for ETA only through the official Canadian government.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Vrsmith via Wikipedia


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