The Secret Behind the Favor of Tomato Sauce

Sauce ingredients with a mixture of various flavors, spicy, salty, and sweet

Hollandaise sauce atop a salmon Eggs Benedict - Image Credit Alpha from Melbourne

Sauces as a food supplement have become an integral part for most culinary connoisseurs, you also know when the sauce becomes identical in bottles packaged at everyone's table in the homes of most citizens. Of course.

You know when on weekends when you're in a shopping center, pause to buy a small snack or maybe a burger and the like. When not added to the sauce, always present an incomplete feeling, is not it?

That's what happens when you want to eat lunch or dinner, like a review on the sites CNN Indonesia, August 25, most new people can enjoy a meal depending on the various sauces.

Let's say some typical snacks, such as spaghetti, lasagna and other typical Italian specialties have been prepared with a variety of pasta cream sauces. Without you knowing it, you might want to add chili sauce and tomatoes.

But. You also need to know, the delicious taste is born with a mixture of various flavors, spicy, salty, and sweet, it is a combination of flavors like this that make people like sauce, and become its own strength.

Like the flavor it creates, sweetness signifies a high-energy food, salty taste of salt means an important electrolyte that works on every cell of your body, especially the heart.

Then bitter taste may indicate that what we eat contains toxins, and the acid is identical to the taste that contains vitamin C or even indicates rotting in certain fruits.

Unexpectedly apparently, the combination of these flavors has not been fully able to increase the enjoyment of tomato ketchup taste.

Let's look at basic ingredients like umami, an important factor that determines the deliciousness of the sauce, which makes the sauce tasty when combined with any food.

The discovery of the chemist Kikunae Ikeda from Japan in 1908, umami can be found in ready-to-eat products that are in bottles containing MSG or Monosodium Glutamate.

The crystals in umami have a brownish color and there is a seaweed broth in it, it was initially very difficult to study and guess, until finally he found the amino acid content of glutamate in it.

Regardless in the 1960s the MSG was mentioned as an ingredient that is not good for consumption, especially in Chinese food, causes a person to experience headaches and other body disorders.

But. Food technology is able to cope, umami plays an important role for the delicious flavor, and can be found in bottled sauce packaging that is widely produced today.

No need to doubt now, even a reliable chef also uses tomato sauce and also fish sauce on the dish, because it proves the sauce can create a sense of pleasure in every food.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Health
Image: Alpha from Melbourne


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