Foods That Make Teeth White and Healthy

10 foods that can be relied upon to make white teeth

The Apples - Image Credit E Wijshijer

Dental health for modern humans is something that can not be negotiable, although for some people this is considered a waste of time. But. When you start to get dental inflamed, at that instant immediately aware of the benefits of maintaining healthy teeth.

There are many ways to maintain dental health, as reviewed on the sites CNN Indonesia, August 14, both with current and natural treatments through traditional plant materials.

Perhaps you always want to smile, and white teeth remain the dream of many people. You know when certain foods turn out to help whiten teeth, including yoghurt and cheese with high calcium and protein content.

Now you can see it through certain foods, quoting the sites Food Beast, that there are ten (10) foods that are believed to make healthy teeth.

1. Yoghurt

Made from fermented milk with its high calcium contents, and protein can strengthen tooth enamel. Yoghurt also contains healthy probiotics and bacteria to help fight cavities.

2. Cheese

High calcium and protein cheese content helps white teeth shine, cheese is also assessed to raise the pH of the mouth, thus lowering the risk of tooth decay.

3. Kalé

Kalé vegetable leaves help someone in taking care of the teeth, a high calcium content beneficial for enamel, while its folic acid content can reduce the risk of gum disease. Chewing vegetables can form enough saliva and natural to clean the mouth.

4. Beans

High fiber foods that are useful for dental health, nuts can cause the mouth to salivate while eating it. Saliva is considered to clean the food bacteria.

5. Apple

High enough fiber can flush bad bacteria, apples also have the most fluoride content found in toothpaste and serves to lower the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

6. Strawberries

The dominant fruit of acid can actually brighten the teeth and make it appear more radiant, this fruit contains malic acid that can naturally whiten enamel.

7. Carrots

Ordinary people know carrots as a vegetable that works for the eyes, it turns out carrots can reduce the risk of cavities and contribute to good bacteria in the mouth. Vitamin A content in vegetables can also strengthen bones including teeth.

8. Almonds

Almonds as a powerful antidote from dental health, because it has high levels of calcium and protein and low in sugar.

9. Celery

Celery helps the health of the gums, its functions like people use betel nut, and can help to rub unhealthy bacteria from the teeth.


Cranberry fruit can help to interrupt the formation of plaque-causing bacteria.

And if you regularly consume these types of foods, I think it's no other way than to smile more. Healthy teeth will make a smile to be sweet.

Source: G Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia, Food Beast
Image: E Wijshijer


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