The Temptation of 'Healthy Snacks' for Your Health

Choice of product claimed healthy by the manufacturer when you're in the shopping center

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Choosing healthy food does seem to need a little scrutiny and often searches for information from reliable sources, say when you shop, and food choices are presented in plain sight. Of course you will be confused, especially if you do not know the nutrients contained in it, as well as details of the list of content contained in the food.

Of course you should check the nutrition facts table in detail, quoting the sites CNN Indonesia, July 31, although many people prefer both price and taste considerations of a product.

A variety of foods seem to be healthy, like the reviews on the Delish site, but they are actually less healthy because of the many other content that accompanies such as sugar, preservatives to artificial flavors.

1. Various Flavors Yogurt

You should be vigilant, even if you write the label 'fat free', because healthy yogurt is that does not have the taste like yogurt greek type.

Various flavors yogurt gets added sugar and other artificial sweeteners with fruit flavors that make sugar intake go up.

2. Wheat Bread

In fact, not all whole wheat bread is made from whole grains, a lot of plain white bread is made with a little blend of wheat powder.

Pay close attention to the 100% wheat label and on the nutrition table, make sure one slice of bread contains 2 grams of fiber.

3. Non-Fat Skim Milk

According to nutritionist Lauren Slayton, skim milk usually has no fat content because it has passed the scientific process.

Instead of choosing non-fat skim milk, choose low-fat milk or extra-sweet almond milk.

4. Lighter Salad Sauce - Dressing Salad

The artificial sauce of all sorts contains sugars and sodium, be careful with the lightly labeled dressing versions, but you'll get additional artificial flavorings and preservatives.

If you want a salad, just add extra virgin olive oil and vinegar.

5. Granola

Clinical nutritionist in Miami, Dr. Michael Forman once discussed healthy food.

"Do not fool yourself into thinking that one ingredient can make a food healthy."

Granola is like eating a sweet cake, so he suggests making a homemade granola mixture at home consisting of dried berries, berries, nuts and pure yogurt.

6. Energy Bar

This energized food bar is full of sugar, fat and artificial ingredients.

Pay attention to the doses that go beyond the sweet desserts. You better always consume fresh fruit and whole wheat bread.

7. Smoothies

Nutritionist Kristin Kirkpatrick, explains that sugar intake per day should not exceed 25 grams, because above this dosage can make it too sweet.

The fruit blend process can remove fiber, so your body feel hungry faster.

8. Vegetable Chips

You can see how these foods are processed into chips, the vegetable value of vegetables is running low.

When it's made, chips are roasted or fried, and the color of the vegetables will always be paler.

9. Dried Fruits

Now you can more closely observe the dried fruit, because the taste is not necessarily the same as the original. Like mango or cranberries.

According to nutritionists, fruits that remain uneaten without adding artificial sweeteners are raisins, apricots, plums, dates and figs.

After looking at the list of various types of snack foods on the top, of course you can be more vigilant when in shopping malls. Although temptation is always approaching when you are careless.

Source: F Thaeras - CNN Indonesia, Delish
Image: jeffreyw via Wikipedia


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