Pop-up Cheetos Restaurant Liked by New Yorkers

Cheetos opened a pop-up restaurant in New York, which was done after previously opening a museum

Times Square, New York - Image Credit E Widi

The Spotted Cheetah is a crowded restaurant with a queue of New Yorkers, you might never have guessed it, if a restaurant headed by chéf Anne Burrell in the mid August that provided Cheetos menu option.

It's a good day to take a walk in New York, quoting an article on the sites detikFood, today, but you should be patient at a long queue at the restaurant, because the townspeople do.

They were waiting, after in June the Cheetos opened a museum that showcased unique pieces of Cheetos from around the world. It did not take long for this museum to become famous on photo sharing social media, Instagram.

After the creative work of their Cheetos museum, the presence of a pop-up restaurant called “The Spotted Cheetah” in New York can give another surprise, because the operating time only takes place on August 15 - 17 only.

As stated by chéf Anne Burrell in her interview on the sites People, August 16 yesterday.

"I want to marry an iconic classical Cheetos with my cooking style, I really want this dish to be a serious meal instead of a joke."

No wonder if the reservation queue extends to 1,000 peoples on the waiting list, this happens solely arising from the curiosity of the 11 latest menu creations by the chéf Anne Burrell that made from Cheetos with price range USD 8-22.

Chéf Anne Burrell - Image Credit The Spotted Cheetah

As reported on the Forbes through one of their journalists on August 15, you will feel a different atmosphere with the orange interior. You're in an orange carpet tie that welcomes guests, orange cloth hanging on the roof to orange fluorescent napkins.

The appetizer menu "Purrfectly Fried Green Tomatoes," with a sprinkling of crispy Cheetos white cheddar, then "The Big Cheese" one of which contains mac 'n cheese with "Hot Flame' Cheetos” and white cheddar from a mixture of bacon and jalapeños.

Well, the guests are also provided a menu of Mexican style, tacos with chicken meat and spicy Cheetos sprinkles, then available options meatballs with crumbs Cheetos. And you also can order dessert Cheetos Sweetos Sweet and Salty Cookies.

A customer, Sarah Roe gave her impressions after visiting The Spotted Cheetah.

"We think the concept of this restaurant is more relaxed, but it turns out the dining experience is serious with good service and good light."

Source: AA Dwi Rahmawati - detikFood, Forbes, People, NY Post
Image: E Widi - NY, The Spotted Cheetah


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