"Big Ben" Ring the Bell for the Last Time

Officially silent on Monday, August 21 to four years into the future

Thames River in the front - Image Credit P Djayasupena

Good Bye Big Ben! You will not hear the bells from the big bells in London, the city that is very popular for travelers from all over the world. It would certainly be a kind of weird loss for some travelers who might have heard the bell before.

Do not be sad if this happens, because this only lasts for four years. Hopefully there is still a chance to hear the bell's voice again. Why?

That's what they always say, it's not complete the trip to England, if not yet seen (or heard) the Big Ben, that's what popular phrase is said by fellow tourists.

Big Ben is momentarily silent for the purposes you already know in the article on this blog site before, the English icon is due to the renovation process to preserve its sustainability.

Precisely at 12 noon local time, yesterday, citing an article on the CNN Indonesia on August 21, Big Ben's last bell sounded, maybe about a hundred people watched the big clock from outside the Parliament Building complex opposite Westminster Station, Tower of London and London Eye.

A new moment of the first time, after the last time at 157 years ago.

A resident, Denise Wiand, who lives across the Thames said, "I can see Big Ben from my place. I have lived with the bell. I am 72 years old and fear this is the last sound I will hear."

Then Thomas Moser, a 54-year-old German tourist, said the same thing.

"The people who come to listen to it with solemnity. We do want to hear every sound. It's a very historic moment."

Of course many questions from many sides, what exactly happened? Many people suspect that this is a sign of Brexit's increasingly uncertain issue.

Maybe they have some hope, I do not know, you never know!

Even more interesting when there is a proposal for Big Ben to keep ringing to signify important events, such as the day of heroes and the New Year.

But. The YouGov survey shows the fact that 44 percent of Britons agree Big Ben is left silent, while 41 percent still hope the clock can keep ringing.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: P Djayasupena


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