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The bizarre traveling trend that originally happened among young people

Elderly tourists relaxing while eating ice cream, Stockholm - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Couples vacations have become a natural sight when you are in tourist attractions, this has been considered a custom. Vacation to share joy in a romantic destination, so togetherness is considered a noble necessity.

This time you will be surprised by a new tendency that penetrates older people, they are elderly, they now have different dreams while on holiday to find a mate.

You will be surprised to see a new reality in sight, quoting a review on the sites detikTravel, today, that there is now a tendency that may seem rather strange. Say that if you're still surprised.

Other sources, as quoted by The Daily Mail, Thursday, August 3, provide other evidence through the findings of a recent study that more and more middle-aged travelers are traveling abroad, to find their love.

They get information from tourists, one in five elderly tourists say, more likely for them to have a love affair when holiday, at the age of 50s than when they were younger.

As the reviews say the fact that one in ten of these travelers claim to have had an exotic romance, some travelers even claim to plan their vacations purely based on opportunities to find love when traveling.

Apart from holidays like this has been popular among young traveler, but the reality can happen to them, elderly traveler also feel fit with this holiday.

Maria Cotnoir, 61, married a 35-year-old Gambian steward, only for the benefit of the man obtaining an British visa. Then you can see certain tourist areas, such as Italy popular for those in their 50s, followed by Spain and Greece.

Research from the insurance company Staysure found as many as 61 percent of travelers over the age of 50 who are involved in holiday romance will not tell their friends about it.

Although romance can take place in such a way, it may continue further after they finish the holidays, or it may just be a relationship for some time or just a few weeks.

More than 50 respondents indicated that they meet a future husband or wife while on vacation, and 60 percent of adult tourists avoid the trap of engaging in romance, a holiday is seen as a good way to succeed in a romantic atmosphere.

As Staysure Chief Executive Ryan Howsam said, "Many tourists over the age of 50 go on holiday to find love."

He then added, "There are also some of them married couples who want a second honeymoon."

Research does support this kind of vacation, one in five people know someone who met his/her soul mate on vacation. Despite the excitement and fun to be had, it is necessary to give priority to the self safety in the tour.

Source: Bona - detikTravel, detikCom, Daily Mail
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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