Las Ramblas and Cambrils Are Grim Now

Tourism Spain affected by terrorism that occurred on Thursday and Friday local time

Barcelona - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Acts of terror in Barcelona followed by the next day in Cambrils, also in Spain, drastically changed, terrible events that may be unbelievable. Whereas previously in this country has seen anti-tourist activity that is considered disturbing the comfort of local residents.

You can imagine the horror presented in this kind of terror, quoting the CNN news, last Thursday, August 17, terrorists crashing the car into a crowd of footsteps in the Las Ramblas area. A disgusting shock, and at once 13 people were killed in the incident.

Probably never imagined, if then the next action, eight hours later, the same action also occurred in Cambrils region, then bring the victim as many as seven people were killed.

Widespread impact on Spanish tourism which gained 12 percent of the country's revenue, say over the past year, as many as 75.3 tourists have been to Spain, especially for Barcelona received a visit of 32 million tourist presence.

As noted in an article on the sites CNN Indonesia on August 8, several embassies in the country appear to be busy alerting citizens of their respective post-terror acts.

As has been known before, Las Ramblas and Cambrils are two areas that are always packed with tourists, especially in the summer holiday season as it is today.

When you are in Barcelona, you will not hesitate to visit this area, Las Ramblas, 1.2 kilometers of streets surrounded by shops and parks, feel the atmosphere. It is amazing to see the presence of tourists every year reaching 11 million tourists fill the streets around the area.

Tourists in Barcelona - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Especially what you're looking for while you're there, eating and shopping, and all the dreams that come true in a famous tourist area.

Tourists can visit many historical places there, such as the mosaics on the road side created by Joan Miró, the Font de Canaletes fountain, the Boqueria Market flower market, the Palace of the Virreina building, the Liceu theater and the Plaça Reial square.

There is no doubt in Cambrils, Tarragona, which is about three hours away by car.

Feel the aroma of the beach and the fragrant water of Mediterranean Sea, the coastal area where cruise ships bring the tourists docked. There are areas for tourists who want to fish, or just sunbathing on the beach is an activity that can be done here.

Hunting for seafood, or partying, and a stunningly historic area, the Museu Moli de las Tres Eres museum or the Torre de l'Ermita tower.

Now, the atmosphere turns grim, the Spanish government asks tourists not to once clustered along the streets of Las Ramblas or Cambrils.

The Government of Spain through its official statement to each embassy of the tourists.

"We appeal to the public and tourists to follow all the rules imposed after the acts of terror, especially from security guards on the streets and public transport."

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, CNN
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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