Open Roofed Building Awaits for UNESCO

Paris can be said to be a city that always takes care of the existence of old buildings

Paris street - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

The old building of Paris is one of the attractions for tourists visiting this fashion city, you can see for yourself the conditions of the city depicting a great period, with specific architectural buildings. All things around it can make tourists increasingly want to linger in this city.

Paris does have a lot of uniqueness, citing the site CNN Indonesia, July 28, old buildings whose condition is still well preserved to make the view of the city more slick, the buildings with beautiful architecture and other uniqueness like its open roof.

The city does provide freedom for the citizens, many old buildings are used for social needs of residents, say as often used for various events, ranging from exhibitions to weddings.

The local government has been trying to include the old open-topped buildings in their city, as reviewed on the site Travel and Leisure last Friday, to be on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list since the previous year 2015 and has also been supported by the French Ministry of Culture this year .

It was also revealed by the French Ministry of Culture, as quoted from The Local.

"This will be our joint task until the determination of UNESCO. Old roofed buildings will be our data first. It takes a long time to get the status.

As is known, the only historical heritage in Paris that entered the UNESCO World Heritage Site list is just the banks of the River Seine.

Paris - Image Credit R Rumambi

A good response from an old Paris building community that will continue to support the Paris government and the French Ministry of Culture's efforts to preserve the city's heritage.

This was conveyed by Angel Sanchez, community leader, as quoted by Le Parisien. They feel that young people no longer care much about what they do.

"Finally there are those who support our efforts to preserve the cultural heritage of Paris."

Regardless of the activities of the townspeople there, perhaps you can take the time to visit one of the old buildings with open roof there.

Charming old buildings with open roofs await you, such as Galeries Lafayette, Saint-Jacques Tour, Arc De Triomphe, Printemps, Center Pompidou, Notre-Dame Cathedral and Montparnasse Tower.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure, The Local, Le Parisien
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro, R Rumambi


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