Melbourne, Livable City for The Seventh Times

In accordance with the Liveability Index conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit's (EIU)

City Marina, Melbourne - Image Credit S Lee

Inspiring cities for tourists, of course, when looking at the criteria provided by the EIU, such as health care, education, infrastructure, stability, culture and environment. Melbourne ranks the best of 140 cities around the world. Incredible achievement of this city for seven times in a row, and as for the record the city of Sydney - also in Australia - is ranked 11th this year.

You can imagine the appreciation given by the city's appraisal team, when they rated Melbourne as 100 (perfect) in terms of health care, education and infrastructure.

The top five habitable cities, such as Vienna are second only to Vancouver, Toronto, while Adelaide and Calgary together score in the top five.

Of course the interesting response from the mayor of City of Melbourne, Robert Doyle who said that the EIU has done the most widely used as a reference about the state of a city.

"World record is a special thing where all citizens of Melbourne should feel very proud today."

He looked happy and enthusiastic.

"This award is an important selling point for Melbourne internationally, for entrepreneurs to invest or move here, for the best people to make Melbourne a home for them, and for tourists to come for a visit."

One interesting note from the EIU, citing the sites The Economist is the threat of terrorism around the world affecting the ranking for this year, then Melbourne's relatively low crime rate is the main reason for beating other cities, even though the number of robberies and burglaries in Melbourne has increased in 12 months Last.

Melbourne at nite - Image Credit N Rosdiana

Regardless of the appreciation gained by Melbourne, the general problem of a city is also overwhelming the city, say, among other things, such as rising property prices that have an impact on people who want to own a house, including the price of renting a house, the transportation of the city had problems because of computer problems.

But. They, townspeople and municipalities believe in their lives, street art and graffiti, urban heritage, and culinary riches, of course, health care systems, economic growth, and employment growth rates.

The townspeople seem to love their city's predicate, as featured on the sites Australia Plus, such as Emma Walker, Executive Assistant, who reminds of the rich history and cultural relationships, suburban multicultural settlements, a fine opportunity at a dusk waiting for the sparkling lights of the nightlife.

"I was cycling through the Victoria Docklands area where sometimes I see Chinese traditional boats and ferry boats crossing and along the Yarra River," she said.

The comforting life of the citizens of Melbourne, which attracts the attention of many who visit there.

Source: Australia Plus, The Economist
Image: S Lee, N Rosdiana


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