Airlines Strike to Fly to Qatar Continues to Increase

The issue of terrorism that led to the diplomatic disconnection of several countries in the Middle East

Airport of Doha, Hamad International Airport, Qatar - Image credit T El Rosda

Airlines from Middle Eastern countries are slowly appearing to follow the policies adopted by their countries, you know if those countries, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Egypt are directly cutting off diplomatic relations with their neighboring Qatar.

As reported by some of the world's mainstream media, including an article on the site CNN Indonesia, June 6, that to date several airlines from countries in the Middle East, which were originally three airlines. The issue of terrorism deemed to be linked to the country has been the origin of the termination of diplomatic relations.

You soon find out if Etihad, Emirates, and FlyDubai are known as shares owned by the Arab states government immediately shut their flights to the country.

Etihad's management will stop flights from and to Doha starting Tuesday, June 6 until further notice, quoting the Reuters website in an official statement from an airline spokesman.

"Passengers who already have an Etihad flight ticket from or to Doha will be given a full refund option or can re-book a ticket to the nearest airport outside Qatar served by Etihad."

Apparently the wind continued to blow harder, the next day, the sites Aljazeera reported four other airlines following the same thing, namely Air Arabia, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Gulf Air, and Egypt Air.

As stated on the official website of each airline, the management of the four airlines announced the cessation of flights to Qatar until an undetermined deadline.

Souq Waqef, Qatar - Image Credit T El Rosda

Of course the immediate impact is on the various sectors of the country, especially for tours to Doha, believed to be among other things detrimental to the country's tourism business.

The Ministry of Planning and Development Statistics of Qatar noted that the country has grown by 27.4 percent of foreign tourists compared to the same period last year, say in April 2017 tourists on holiday to Qatar reached 295,134 people, while in April 2016 the number was only 231,629 people.

Of course most of the holidaymakers to Doha will experience widespread declines, such as from Gulf Countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Oman with contributions of 144,814 tourists.

Popular attractions in Qatar based on TripAdvisor, such as Souq Waqef Traditional Market, The Corniche jogging track, The Pearl port, Grand Country Mosque and Fanar Islamic center will face a decline in tourist arrivals.

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, Reuters, Aljazeera, TripAdvisor
Image: Titania El Rosda - Qatar


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