London Tourism Post-Terror Action

Is it safe to visit London these nowadays?

London Bridge - Image Credit P Djayasupena

The current situation in London has still invites a lot of questions, you immediately know when you see the news from the world's mainstream media, or news sites, say tourist spots, bus lanes, and train stations are still closed to tourists.

The world again shocked by acts of terrorism, a few days after the bomb blast at Manchester Arena, as reviewed on the site detikTravel, June 5th, the city's tourism will be affected first, the act of terror that became the center of news, occurred on Saturday, June 3rd night at London Bridge and Borough Market.

About this city from several sources, Monday, June 5, after the terror attacks, some tourist spots in London are still closed by the police. You will have trouble coming to visit these days, because 2 locations still affected by terror acts namely the London Bridge and Borough Market are still closed.

On a wider scale will certainly have an impact on other adjacent areas. Tourists have difficulty accessing the locations they want.

In the end, security measures for all are particularly important, city residents and tourists to stay alert, solely for the safety of the people who are there and ensuring the location is completely safe.

You will see the busyness of the authorities, as well as the London Ambulance service has also issued an announcement about this terror act.

London Bridge at the background - Image Credit P Djayasupena

London Bridge and Borough Railway Stations are still closed for locals as well as for tourists, it is sad to see the situation after the terror, but all parties are cautious. London Police warned residents to escape from any threat, rather than surrender or negotiate with terrorists, they issued a new guideline 'Run, Hide, Tell'.

Tourists can travel around the area, Southeastern rail line still operating, Waterloo Station, Charing Cross, to Cannon Street Station, but not stop at London Bridge Station.

Thameslink Train with London Bridge route will not serve the traveler because London Bridge Station itself is currently closed, prospective passengers can use the bus transportation services as well as check for possible changes to bus routes.

Authorities have announced hotline numbers, 0800 789 321, for city dwellers or tourists visiting London today.

As stated by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, "Do not confront or negotiate with the offenders, stay away, hide, while reporting the incident to the emergency services number."

Source: W Setyo Widodo/Syanti Mustika - detikTravel, CNN Indonesia, Express
Image: P Djayasupena - London


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