The Hawaiian Pizza Menu Founder Died

Sam Panopoulos is known for its specific pizza culinary creations with pineapple toppings

Pizza with pineapple - Image Credit Janine, Hawaii

Various varieties of pizza has become an extraordinary menu for fans of Italian culinary, you already know most with taste that is tailored to the atmosphere of course. Maybe you have an interest in certain types of pizza toppings, say pizza with mushroom topping, smoked bacon, and pepperoni.

Well, you've also seen or enjoyed pizza with pineapple toppings, of course you think this type of pizza is part of the kind of pizza in his native country. Apparently not so.

Sam Panopoulos may sound unfamiliar, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, today, apparently known as the inventor of the Hawaiian Pizza menu.

For those culinary eaters, especially culinary Italian origin would be very familiar with Sam.

Sam Panopoulos is recognized by a culinary enthusiast as the inventor of a pizza specialty, Hawaiian, sprinkled with pineapple toppings on top and became a culinary sensation around the world. But, shortly after this news, Sam had to leave this mortal world at his 83rd, Thursday, June 8th.

He is a Greek immigrant who moved to Canada in 1954 at the age of 20 years. In Ontario, Canada, he and his two brothers run several restaurants.

His restaurant, Satellite Resto business gets the attention of culinary fans in Chatham, about 290 km from Toronto. He gave his customers a variety of American specialties such as burgers, fries and some Chinese dishes.

It was only in the early 1960's that Panopoulos began serving pizza menu that was loved in America.

Originally in the form of experiments, as presented in an interview with the BBC, pieces of pineapple cans are sown on a pizza to know how it tastes and just for fun.

Hawaiian pan pizza using pineapple slices - Image Credit @joefoodie

"We're young in this business and doing a lot of experiments."

No wonder if this experiment succeeds, because it gives a unique flavor, where the sour taste of pineapple mixed harmoniously with its crispy pieces of bacon.

Customers love their experiments in a few months to become one of the customers' favorite menus.

One of the things that become memories for him is a pineapple canned that comes from the Hawaiian brand, so indirectly a trademark of this pizza menu.

And now you can find Hawaiian Pizza in the menu list wherever the pizza restaurant in your town.

Source: F Thaeras - CNN Indonesia, BBC
Image: Janine from Mililani, Hawaii and @joefoodie - Wikipedia


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