Aragog, Cocktail with Tarantula 'Sting' Poisons

Types of beverages inspired from the famous novel Harry Potter

Rey del mojito, illustration - Image Credit Raimonsocial

Story of Harry Potter has indeed become a legend for his fans, a story that brings fantasy and imagination of the fans to the land of magic, something you might find difficult to imagine happening in everyday life.

And you will not be surprised to see the magic-scented storyline, even then all the ornaments that complete it, for example an unique cocktail named Aragog is now created.

Then what kind of drink is this?

Aragog is made with a variety of alcoholic beverages, according to an excerpt from the sites CNN Indonesia, May 18, and the unique nature of this beverage is a mixture of tarantula toxins in it.

Even something that makes you feel scared, this tarantula toxin is claimed to make the tongue numb, tickle the lips, and cause a sensation in between tingling and cramps in the throat.

Aragog was created two years ago by Romeo Palomares, as written in a review on the sites Oddity Central, a mixologist from Luciferina Bar in México City, where the drink comes at the challenge of his boss to create an impressive cocktail.

Palomares try to use various additional ingredients for 'extra kick' and get the idea to add some dosage of tarantula toxin. But he guarantees that this poison is not strong enough to kill someone.

Although at first he was afraid, but his curiosity made 'something', and finally drank it.

This was put forward in an interview with the sites Infobae, he explained that the aragog tastes sour, salty, and unique, like oysters, but with a soft side.

He tells of his experience, when in a second his tongue becomes paralyzed, and begins to feel amused. Even more exciting, there was swelling around his mouth.

"My mouth feels like it's just finished from the dentist."

He went through many stages, albeit a little differently, because usually the mixologist spent two hours to make a new cocktail, but Palomares took five days to perfect it.

An unique and new culinary drink creations, worth a try on a great weekend with friends, a drink made of mexican mezcal, chilean pisco, and brazilian cachaca, mango juice, lemon and 0.05 percent toxic of tarantulas per 500 ml .

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Oddity Central, Infobae
Image: Raimonsocial via Wikipedia


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