Holiday Is The Secret Recipe Longevity

Enjoying life with a holiday, the longer a person ages

Tourists at the airport get ready for traveling - Image Credit M Kretyawan

The secret of longevity is the hope of many people in this world, even if you will admit this. Something secret of all time, how to make a person's age long enough and enjoy a happy life.

I read a good article on a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, yesterday, that someone is encouraged to spend more time on vacation, the longer a person is.

This was stated by June Scott, 86, a woman from Illinois, United States, who has proven this in living her life according to the above hypothesis.

June Scott has been known to have traveled 87 countries on six continents and showed no sign of retirement from her travel madness.

Interesting reviews on Condé Nast Traveler who wrote about her who has arrived home after months of long journeys to Palestine, Israel, Cuba and Saudi Arabia.

Scott did prove that by participating in the "SuperAging" research conducted at Northwestern University in her hometown.

Certainly it needs to be scientifically proven by analyzing the way the human brain rejects memory changes due to aging, by trying to reject the notion of previous theories, that the human brain can shrink with age which can degrade thinking ability.

The director who led the research, Emily Rogalski, said on Thursday, June 15, for the case of SuperAgers like Scott, the depreciation of her brain volume is very slow compared to the older people of her age.

"Scott's brain is practically younger than her age, she has a brain like a woman in her fifties."

Apparently Scott felt very confident, the key to being able to keep her brain 'young' is to travel around the world and meet people.

"I have a high sense of curiosity, I want to be a lifelong student, and just by traveling it can make life more interesting."

No wonder if she refused to stay settled on the edge of Lake Michigan or Wisconsin to enjoy the old age as is commonly done by her peers.

With her beloved husband (now deceased) prefer to explore the United States National Park, USA with her three children.

Various experiences have been encountered, such as tracking the existence of a gorilla in Rwanda, tracing the whereabouts of her relatives in the Czech Republic, until she has successfully seen all 17 species of penguins on earth.

The research team likes the results obtained through socially active respondents with many volunteers in their neighborhood as well as in the new areas they visit.

"By making others happy, and by communicating with others, that activity will improve the working of the human brain."

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, Condé Nast Traveler
Image: M Kretyawan


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