Marijuana Pizza, Delicious Both Drugs

American pharmacies specializing in making pizza with marijuana content

Marijuana Pizza - Image Credit IG @ermontquincy

Enjoy a good pizza at the weekend with your family, or say you've made an appointment to meet a friend. I'm sure the pizza will become more delicious, extraordinary impressions that occur when enjoying it with a special.

But. You also often enjoy pizza that has various content, such as chicken, beef, or maybe certain vegetables or seafood.

Well, a pharmacy in the state of Massachussetts, USA, as written on the sites CNN Indonesia, today, serves pizza with marijuana content. They recognize that pizza is made as a specialty of food and as well as a treatment material.

A pharmacy called Ermont Inc. is one place for patients who need cannabis in medicine, citing the sites Time, and the thin pizza is one-person consumption.

Seth Yaffe, the pharmacy manager, says pizza needs solely on the patient's request, they want a more savory meal to avoid sugar, because usually the marijuana infusion is put on candy or fruit.

Of course the food that originally came from Italy is becoming popular, the content of marijuana makes it more popular, patients such as litany disease, chronic illness due to opioid addiction to the side effects of chemotherapy choose for the pizza consumption.

"We found that patients wanted the food they ate on a normal day, and we wanted to do something that was considered a complete meal."

The manager admits that he has tried a number of variants that can be combined with cannabis liquid, such as hot chocolate, vegan mayonnaise and peaches.

The pizza is priced at US$ 38, six inches in size with cheese and contains 125 milligrams of THC in tomato sauce, and medium doses of marijuana to treat one person.

There seems to be no doubt, a day there are about 200 to 400 patients who buy the pizza.

Something you need to know, marijuana pizza is not sold freely, because every patient must have a medical alert card issued by the government as a sign if he consume marijuana as a treatment.

Each patient can carry a small pizza only.

Source: G Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia, Time
Image: Ermont Inc.


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