World's Largest Airport in Beijing

A new airport will be built within the next two years to the south of Daxing, Beijing

Beijing Daxing International Airport – Image Credit Destination China

Beijing Airport has been known by the world community so far is Capital International Airport, which became the second busiest airport in the world. Apparently the Chinese government does not stop there, now in about two years time the tourists will see different things.

The Chinese government does have a big plan in infrastructure development in their country over the next 50 years, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, today, including the construction of the airport, which makes tourists discover something new.

The new airport, like a quote from the sites Reuters on Tuesday, June 27, Beijing New Airport will be the headquarters of China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines and a new liaison in Asia.

To obtain this development service, a company has been appointed, BuroHappold Engineering, a contractor that won the tender from the Chinese government. They will do a lot of things there during development.

Let's say you can see the modern things in the process, the interior and the decoration of the airport becomes one of the main attractions for prospective passengers who use the new airport by riding a train whose path is also being built.

No doubt, there is a great touch from the late Zaha Hadid, this airport will be made all-round and full of green plants.

As written by the office architect of Zaha Hadid through its official statement.

"The airport will be built with Chinese traditional philosophy that is all connected, harmonious, balanced, and also bright."

All right, you can see something new there standing on an area of 700 thousand square meters, forming a star with six interconnected terminals.

The flying planes can enjoy a new platform, six runways that will make the system fly and land more compact.

Approximately passengers (especially tourists) from various directions and destinations as many as 100 million passengers will use the new airport each year.

The Chinese government is really expecting the readiness of the new airport in accommodating the surge of passenger needs, as known Capital International Airport is overwhelmed to serve passengers.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Reuters
Image: IG @destination.china


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