Holiday in the Middle of the Rise of Terror Action

Action of terror that caused casualties and injuries hit several countries in the world

Tower Bridge, London - Image Credit P Djayasupena

The terror attacks in London are the latest terror events in the past two months, certainly getting a variety of responses, especially travelers who are already planning a trips to European country.

World tourism became a sector hit by acts of terror, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, June 9, regardless of the latest incident of casualties in Tower Bridge (aka London Bridge) and Borough Market, seven people were killed on that miserable Saturday night, but tourists continue to plan their trip to London.

No doubt when most travelers are worried, London-bound passengers flying out of Los Angeles expressed concerns, but they will continue their travel plans.

But. You deserve to read David Shaftel's suggestion from The New York Times write down some tips for erasing holiday worries.

1. Vacation is a tonic of life

If you love traveling activity, do not ever hesitate, vacation is the most important tonic in living routines of life.

They believe in vacations, frequent holidays, the less anxiety that haunts us. No need to worry too much, do we bring enough diapers of children who are invited to vacation, whether snacks are purchased enough during the trip, and something else.

2. Be vigilant but do not let the phobia

Of course you need to stay vigilant, do not ever ignore the threat of terrorism. Scared but not excessive as if you were the target of terrorist attacks in the country to be visited.

Streets of London - Image Credit P Djayasupena

Rob Walker, risk consultant from SOS and Control Risks said that the biggest danger that stalks tourists is an accident on the highway to get to the tourist attraction visited. In other words not a terrorist act.

3. Action of terror can only be countered by increasing the holiday

George Morgan-Grenville, founder of Red Savannah travel company in England, said the best way to eliminate fear of terrorists would be to increase the number of vacations.

"When on holiday to a place of concern to be the target of a terrorist attack but it does not happen there, travelers will feel more relaxed when the holidays again in the future."

Let's go on vacation, and quickly put together the best plans with family members or perhaps the best friends. Happy Traveling!

Source: G Putro Jati - CNN Indonesia, The New York Times
Image: P Djayasupena


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