Drinking Excessive Bubble Tea Apparently Dangerous

Drinks with bubbles or chewy balls are still a favorite

Four Bubble Tea drinks from the Teahouse in Houston, Texas - Image Credit Dth011

Smooth textured beverage with a sweet taste to its own pleasure for many in the last few years is still a joy, so it happens in the culinary world with a variety of recent creations.

Culinary experts never stop in searching for new ideas, citing the article on the sites CNN Indonesia, June 14, new culinary included in creating various types of drinks, including drinks with bubble or chewy balls.

You've ever tried bubble tea drinks, I'm pretty sure about that.

Especially in the atmosphere surrounding you in the heat, it's nice, fresh, and sweet, but something you need to be aware of this type of drink.

Maybe you need to find information from various parties, considering the content contained in this type of beverage, especially if you do not know for sure.

If consumed in excess, they say that bubble tea is potentially 'harmful.'

It should be realized, bubble tea drinks consist of tea, milk, and tapioca pearls. Furthermore, in this beverage there is a mixture of sugar syrup that sometimes has a high content of sugar.

Apart from the sweet taste, and taste good, this tapioca pearl is often referred to as bubble, or boba in Chinese. The texture is believed to be 'fun' because it is chewy, but it turns out the chewy ball is just as bad for health, just like candy.

As featured on the sites The Daily Meal, bubbles are boiled and contain high sugar it was able to add at least 5-14 calories into the drink. You can consider what, a quarter cup bubble chewy will add 100 extra calories to the already-on-calorie drink.

Means known in a glass of bubble tea can contain as much as 50 grams of sugar and has 500 calories of calories.

Strolling at the weekend will be interesting, but not all that it offers in the place you drink can be consumed with excessive.

Proven that the bubble not only contribute additional calories, but also did not contribute any nutrients. In other words, all bubbles are just carbohydrates, only a small amount of minerals and vitamins without fiber.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, The Daily Meal
Image: Dth011 via Wikipedia


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