Worst Day to Eat at the Restaurant

This can happen in your experience at the restaurant according to Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay in MasterChef Junior - Image credit Gordon Ramsay Pages

Good food in the restaurant always gets the attention of anyone who likes certain menus that become a person's favorite. The desire to come again, again and again, especially when eating with someone special, or family members.

The moment of eating out, quoting the sites CNN Indonesia, June 3, especially when eating in a restaurant that provides a delicious menu will make you will always dream of the best time, the opportunity to strengthen the warmth and familiarity with family or friends.

You can understand if there is no special reason, eating together in the restaurant can also be done simply because you want to eat out. Generally, this habit is not done every day, because there are always special moments that are celebrated while eating together outside the home.

This is a fun opportunity, but it can happen certain circumstances, no doubt if it turns out the atmosphere and restaurant service can make the interest to eat out so down.

This is in line with an interesting experience from celebrity chéf Gordon Ramsay in an interview with Delish, then quoted from the sites Travel and Leisure revealed there is one day in a year to avoid eating in restaurants.

"Valentine's Day is the worst day to eat outdoors."

Thus he suggests that his experience may be useful.

"The restaurant's kitchen is very crowded with so many people eating there that you will not be able to experience real dining in a restaurant."

But he gave the way out, a suggestion, rather than eating in a restaurant, Ramsay gave the alternative.

"You better cook for yourself at home. What's more romantic than cooking for your partner with a good bottle of wine?"

The interviews that give a good picture, Ramsay not only give advice about the day to be avoided. Suggestions to consider about foods that should be avoided when eating in the restaurants.

Well, now you know when following Ramsay's advice, that soup is one kind of the foods that should be avoided. He said then.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Delish, Travel and Leisure
Image: Gordon Ramsay Pages


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